Thursday, 30 October 2014

London's Fashion Hotspots: Dalston On Trend?

This week at Uni our task as fashion forecasters was to find the next fashion hotspot of London, as a group we distributed all scales of London and luckily enough for me I was granted the North East. Now I'm sure you're all fed up of hearing about Shoreditch, Hoxton and rest of what east London has to offer, hipster galore. I've heard before if Dalston the new Shoreditch? But I wanted to find out for myself what the small D of Hackney had to offer. 
Simular to the "edgy" east London, Dalston did appear to have qualities of what I particularly love about the famous Brick Lane. Street art, street food and these days we just cant get enough of it, but what difference Dalston's street did have was street lights. As days are getting darker and It was around 5.30pm I finally got to meet this hidden gem of what Dalston inspired me with. The gleaming neons light up the Kingsland Rd and fill the streets with all bundles of colours, I cant help to say illuminations but not the term of what Blackpool is known for. Okay, maybe I lied a little it's not sophisticated but it's art throughout each road. 
Now in terms of its culture, you definitely can't pin point one but thats what I love about London, where ever you walk from buildings to graphics and even it's people we are forever being inspired. Dalston is full of the bearded men and tattooed arms but I think this art inspires trends all around.

The people of Dalston are mainly influenced by the music cultures, with popular venues such as Vortex Jazz Club and high street culture club DJ sets within Bars also its own festival 'Kings land festival', creates a main attraction for Dalston. Also low- key Indie art galleries and pop up shops and studios are an upcoming scene. The Dog and wardrobe which I found online is an original warehouse that is filled with an array of arts and crafts including pieces vintage mannequins, factory inspection lamps and many other unique antique interiors.

Dalston isn't upcoming, I think it's already there but not recognised enough, It's a trend inspirational place that is venture you must all take. It might be overground only but don't let that stop you.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Self branding: Would you hire you?

It seemed fairly odd for the first thing last week in our seminar to be asked what our aspirations are in life... thinking about your whole life in 10 minutes at 9 in the morning wasn't what I was expect on a 0 coffee head!

  •  3 companies you'd like to work for?
      - Matthew Williamson 
      - Net-a-Porter 
      - Design team in Topshop (Might as well try and work my way up)
  • 3 places you'd like to live?
      - Amsterdam 
      - New York 
      - Have my OWN flat in London (Islington preferably... In my dreams)

  • 5 years after graduation you will be...
      - Either in London with my own place working for a really strong brand pursuing with design or traveling the world with a design day I will! 

As some of you may know I study Fashion Design & Marketing at LCF and this term we are purely focusing on the marketing side. So your probably thinking what's this got to do with marketing...well we realised that we all chose those brands and places for a reason... because they are all well branded. They all have significant features that stand out to us. We do it all day in everyday life without even contemplating it... because who doesn't buy heinz beans!!

This really got me thinking that when we shop is it the product we buy or is it the brand identity we buy into more?
'Fashion garments have no meanings and are signifiers only of themselves, it is the arbiters who give them meaning through selling context/or display.'
-Hancock 2009 Pg26 

So as soon as you've finished reading this post, type your name in google and see what comes up about yourself...I bet your surprised. I had to google one of my friends in my class and found herself on a dating site, which she did claim she hadn't set up... but we have so much information and images of ourselves on all social media platforms that allows others and websites to access this information. If your friends can see this then can't your employers? We as individuals brand ourselves, but is that how we want to be seen ? What type of brand identity are you projecting online? Would you hire you?